Team Members License Checker

In October 2018 licensing guide, Microsoft announces important changes to Dynamics 365 Team Member licenses, this tool helps you identify if your users comply to this new license agreement.

For more information’s you can read the Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide here :   ( page 30 to 37)

Here are descriptions of the tool main functionalities:

  • Checks for each user the privileges of Create, Update or Delete for system and custom entities based on the user security roles and team security roles for each team that the user belongs to.
  • Users having System administrator role are ignored
  • Custom entities can be filtered by entity extensions, it allows you for example to ignore entities of third-party solutions.
  • For System entities, the following entities are not considered (the license agreement allows users to update these entities)
    • Contact
    • Activity
    • Note
    • UserQuery
    • Announcement
  • If a user can Create/Update/Delete more than 15 custom entities, or  can Create/Update/Delete at least one system entity other than above listed , it is considered a user that not complies to the Team Members Licenses agreement, and it will be displayed in Red.

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